John's Whistle por Lili Ferreiros

August 25, 2019

John's Whistle por Lili Ferreiros

Titulo del libro: John's Whistle

Autor: Lili Ferreiros

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 2, 2013

ISBN: 8415784120

Editor: Cuento de Luz

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Lili Ferreiros con John's Whistle

John is different. When other children began learning how to speak, John didn't. As he grew older, whenever he had to ask for something or wanted to express his feelings, he would simply whistle. John began using different kinds of whistles for different kinds of reasons: he blew a gentle whistle to call attention, a louder whistle when he was hungry, and an even louder one if something scared him. But everything changed the day he met Clara, a little girl with dark, dark eyes. This is a tender story that reminds readers that music is the true language of the soul, and that people's differences can be resolved through good intentions and friendship.