The Unknown Anti-War Comics! por Craig Yoe

September 21, 2019

The Unknown Anti-War Comics! por Craig Yoe

Titulo del libro: The Unknown Anti-War Comics!

Autor: Craig Yoe

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 21, 2018

ISBN: 1684051789

Editor: IDW Publishing

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Craig Yoe con The Unknown Anti-War Comics!

An action-oriented medium, comics have long used wars--real and fictional--as narrative fodder. Now, discover the secret, surprising history of anti-war comics with this marvelously curated collection.

A few comics portrayed the horrors of war but no blatantly anti-war stories were known to exist--until now! Buried in rare comics published during the Cold War were powerful war, fantasy, and sci-fi stories that strongly condemned war and the bomb, boldly calling for peace. There's even a tale condemning the building of a wall to keep out aliens--from outer space! Exciting action stories compellingly relevant to the world today!